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PanBlast™ ERC6-2 Electric Remote System with Airblow

The ERC6-2 is an integrated system featuring a weatherproof control panel, switches, cabling, connectors and air wash blow down controls.

Low voltage and abrasion resistant electric control lines allow for independent control of up to 6 sets of remote control valves and abrasive metering valves up to 100m (328 ft).

PanBlast™ Titan II SAR with Cape/Breathing Tube

The Titan II is certified/tested to the latest CE and AS/NZS standards. It is designed for operator comfort and protection against rebounding abrasive, dust, debris and noise.

Supplied with Standard Cape and AcoustiFlex Breathing Tube - ideal for users with an existing alternate flow controller.

PanBlast™ Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool

Finally, a revolutionary non-jamming internal pipe blasting tool which required over 4 years of design, development and testing to perfect.

With an outstanding build quality, the Tornado will satisfy even the most demanding users of conventional internal pipe blasting tools.

PanBlast™ VisiFlo Respirator Airline Filter

The clear filter cartridge housing heralds a new generation of breathing air filtration that allows the operator the ability to visually inspect both compressed air supply quality and filter cartridge condition.

Optional fitment of the CO monitor kit provides the ultimate operator protection.

PanBlast™ AIN Water Induction Nozzles

The AIN nozzle series comes in 50mm (2") UNC threads. Dual adjustable water feed and venturi air injector ports make optimum nozzle air/water atomization and water suction feed possible for slurry wet blasting.

Conventional blasting using the AIN nozzle is achieved by isolating the water supply.

PanBlast™ QuikStop IIS Electric Control Handle

The QuikStop IIs Electric Control Handle is an electric version of the "hands free" QuikStop II Pneumatic Control Handle with some new features such as contrast ball and strap, and chamfered edges.

A conversion kit will also available for current users of the QuikStop II Pneumatic Control Handle to upgrade to electric control for extended remote control distances of up to 100 meters (328 feet).

PanBlast™ AER215 Nuovo Closed Circuit Blaster

The AER215 Nuovo has the industry's first integrated multi-pass cyclonic reclaimer abrasive separation system, which significantly improves filtration efficiency and operator productivity.

Modular packages are available for system fitment with any internationally certified blast pot.

PanBlast™ UltraFlo Abrasive Recycling System

The UltraFlo has a 7 ton/hour abrasive media recycling capacity with dual outlets.

It consists of an abrasive media transfer elevator with integral air wash system and twin cartridge pulse jet cleaning dust collector. Media storage feed hopper is optional.

PanBlast™ AER215 Nuovo Closed Circuit Blaster

The replacement “Nuovo” version of the established AER215 Closed Circuit Blaster addresses several weaknesses of the older design including the main weakness of extreme operator fatigue due to use of conventional blasting components which are both heavy and bulky for this application.

This traditionally caused periodic production stoppage because the operator has to rest much more frequently than normal, and constantly needing to re-balance the blasting head assembly: both in his hands and on his shoulders, resulting in wastage of valuable production time and reduced blasting operator productivity.

PanBlast™ QuikStop IIS Remote Control Handle

The newly upgraded QuikStop IIS handle features all the “hands-free operation” and “billet-machined” features of the previous version in a sleek low profile contoured design.

The fail-safe ball and strap release is now in eye-catching contrast color for better operator visibility against the familiar matte black anodized body.

PanBlast™ Safe-T-Pinch Valve Assembly

The Safe-T-Pinch Valve is an air operated normally closed horizontally configured type valve, which uses a dual ram to pinch the blast hose evenly to start/stop abrasive blasting.

The Safe-T-Pinch Valve provides an efficient on/off operation whilst providing maximum protection with extended blast hose wear.

PanBlast™ AirStop IV NPT Pneumatic Control Handle

The AirStop IV NPT Control Handle is a robust, pneumatic non-bleed control handle, which can be used with a wide variety of remote control systems.

Incorporating a long, contoured style lever overcoming operator fatigue and spring loaded safety lock-out button to prevent accidental activation.

PanBlast™ Kombi II NPT Remote Control Valve

The Kombi II NPT Valve is an evolution of the Kombi featuring: quick change cap, transparent window for checking exhaust hose wear and extended valve life.

Retrofitting a Kombi II Valve from existing Kombi installations is "plug & play" requiring no plumbing modifications. 32mm (1 1/4") NPT threads.

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